Lake Baringo is a fresh water lake that lies about 802 metres above sea level. The magic of the lake is discovered early in the morning by doing a boat ride that takes you from your bed to where you meet hippos getting into the lake from their overnight grazing, crocodiles sunbathing in the early sun rays, aquatic birds: the kingfishers hovering, the cormorants swimming, jacanas “walking on the water” , skimmers skimming the waters, herons in still position for the moment to spear their prey and what about the African Fish eagle that scans the waters to prey on fish swimming just below the surface Do not forget your camera!

The boat ride leads to ‘Teddy Bear Island, Devils Island and Ol Kokwe Island some of the seven islands inhabited by the Njemps, a maa speaking community. Get a chance to meet them and learn about their culture.

An extension to the RUKO conservancy is an addition to excursions in Lake Baringo. The Rothschild’s giraffe or Baringo Giraffe has been reintroduced to its original habitat and here with us you get an opportunity to walk in their midst...






Within the compound of Tumbili Cliff Lodge, a birder can spot over 30 species of birds just seated !

African Scops owl, the White faced scops owl, Verreaux eagle owl, Black eagle or Verreaux eagle, Spotted thick knee, the Night jars, Heuglin courser ... rare are these birds, but with our local guides, they are easily spotted ! Just a moment... Do not forget your telescope or your binoculars !







The Pokot people seem not to have forgotten their culture if not they have jealously guarded it to the envy of those who visit them!

Their unexploited culture is an art of life that has led to anthropologist to think more of their origin.






Lake Bogoria is 40 minutes away from Lake Baringo. It lies at the foot of the eastern escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. Most people opt for a stay in Lake Baringo and a day excursion to this numerously 'invested' lake with thousands of flamingos and raptors.

With geysers that augment the salinity of the lake, the development of blue green algae is increased thus the painting of the lake into pink color all round it.

Lake Bogoria national reserve is also rich in other biodiversity; the Greater Kudu being one of the beautiful antelopes in Africa and majorly found in this reserve can be observed, Impala, Grant's gazelle, Thomson's gazelle, Dik dik, Zebras, Wart hogs, Baboons...

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